Part Motors

Parts motors or motor components for self-assembly are an attractive alternative for customers with high volumes and high requirements for the integration of the drive into a finished solution. KOCO automotive offers stators, rotors and also shafts on customer request and customer-specific, which are then integrated into your application.

We support you from the very beginning of product development.

You integrate the parts into your customer application and can partially circumvent various disadvantages that arise from the use of ready-made DC motors: Instead of the limited selection of existing motors, the adaptation of their installation space to series motors or the use of adapters or other design compromises, you are given a lot of freedom in the design of your design.

Stator of part motor
Stator with coils and core of part motor
Stator with custom flange for part motor
Stator with custom flange for part motor

The possibilities are manifold:

  • Single rotors, which are already equipped with magnets in order to overmold them directly later (plastic blades for rotors, pump blades, fans)
  • Individual stators, which already correspond to the design of their connection/installation space
  • Sheet metal stacks with winding without stator to press them directly onto their connection
  • Loose motors without shaft and/or bearings, which are ready to install their existing bearings
  • We are able to contribute our many years of know-how in the field of construction, design and also in the area of documentation requirements (test reports, IMDS, KBA entries, VDA, PPAP, …) and can respond individually to your needs.
  • The use of various manufacturing processes, ranging from handmade samples by CNC in “rapid manufacturing” to later large-scale production using castings, opens up a wide range of materials that can be used.

This short excerpt is only an overview of the enormous potential that opens up in the early integration of our know-how. We make all this possible under the strict standardization of IATF 16949 and ISO 9001.